Julia Sanina said, who became her first man

The actress shared the details of his personal life.

The front-woman of the band the Hardkiss Yulia Sanin, who confessed that she had a very unromantic husband shared details of their relationships with loved ones, reports the Chronicle.info with reference to TSN.

Julia and creative producer and guitarist of The Hardkiss Val Bebko met during interviews in 2009 and fell in love with each other at first sight, said in the program “Life of famous people”.

For five years they hid their relationship from the public, not told about the wedding because I wanted to make the fans interested in their personal life, and enjoyed the creativity. Today, the singer does not hide – Shaft first and only her man. And she is very proud of.

“I recently stumbled across a vlog on the Internet, where girls sit and talk about sex, the orgasms. And judging by what they say, they change partners and loved ones once a month. Once in two months. But I see that the eyes are not happy. I don’t think that cool women to change men. Yes, he had many relationships. I have no. As he says – all in principle, but the soul is very similar. So I believe him in this regard”, — commented Yulia.

Although no jealousy in this family is not complete. Rather, Julia is jealous, because the fans often throw bearded and brutal Shaft too explicit messaging.

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“I am very jealous. Very. It’s just a horror. It is sometimes good for the relationship because it is so refreshing. You understand that you can lose it. Therefore, it is necessary to be kinder. As something to support them. Fire. I just know very well of the Shaft. He’s so lazy it would be for someone something there behind me… that I am, in principle, calm,” said Sanin.

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