In Ukraine will cancel the work book

Government launches draft law and relevant regulations, which will repeal the mandatory labor books.

This Minister Dmitry Dubilet said in Facebook, reports the with reference on the Facts.

He outlined the key points of the upcoming reforms:

  • Citizens will be obliged upon employment to give the employer his employment record book. Accordingly, employers do not need to validate or save.

According to Dubilet, in the electronic register of the state and so there is evidence of the seniority of all Ukrainians, since 2000. They are used for calculating pensions or other social benefits.

  • Citizens can easily obtain an electronic document with information about your experience on the Internet. This document they can provide to the employer, if that is important to check the experience of the applicant from the official registers.

To retrieve a document, the individual will have to make a few clicks and take advantage of EDS. May will also have BankID. The authenticity of the document will be checked using a QR code, automatically superimposed on the documents.

  • In the presence of seniority prior to 2000 will have the opportunity to bring this information in electronic register independently or through an employer.

Then there would be no need to save the work book as a carrier of information.

  • On request, you can still “collect” information about your service in the service book. But neither the employee nor the employer to do it now not required.

Forecasters predict the “temperature swing”

Dmitry Dubilet hoped that the procedure will be launched in 2019.

Today we start the work of the bill and the acts of the government, which will abolish the mandatory labor books.Here…

Gepostet von Dmitry Dubilet am Dienstag, 8. Oktober 2019

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