Asgardia three years: the youngest state in the world, on 12 October, celebrates the anniversary

It is a state with territory in space, with millions of supporters around the world, with the current Constitution, government, Parliament, and many ambitious plans, the main one being the birth of the first child in space. With Asgardia dream of becoming an astronaut may come true for everyone.

Asgardia is not like other virtual States, and in the real world and its analogues have been difficult to find. Very bold and unusual beginning of her story. Because until now no one had not occurred, what to start space colonization better with the creation of a sovereign state, where all the action is legislative, educational, scientific, cultural, business, diplomatic — will be focused on the exploration of space. It is noteworthy that the author of this idea, our compatriot, the Russian scientist and industrialist Igor ashurbeyli.

Асгардии три года: самое молодое в мире государство 12 октября празднует годовщину

12 October 2016 at an international press conference in Paris Igor ashurbeyli on the whole world, said that creates the world’s first Space-faring nation. This statement had an effect of peaceful mobilization. Already during the first two weeks supporters of Asgardia officially announced more than million people from more than 200 countries.

It turned out that people missed the romance of the great discoveries. Moreover, Asgardia declared himself the country beyond the earthly borders and geopolitical conflicts, and the necessity of space exploration it puts above the interests of individual States, claiming the monopoly of space: the case of the whole humanity.

Scientists have long been told that if you do not stop the rivalry in the space race, there is no exploration of the moon and distant planets. No wonder lunar colonization and Martian mission of all time are postponed. Just no country, no company will deal with it alone — too complex technology and substantial investment required. For this we need to unite. The principle of combining people for the purposes of a truly cosmic Asgardia now, and embodies the calling to go beyond artificially created boundaries and local ambitions.

What on Earth is a utopia of equal rights for all, no wars and discrimination — in space to realize everything is still possible. Of course, if not to take the garbage of our strife, and focus on the main problem — the problem of survival of human adaptation to space, which — who knows — may be the only alternate ground for all human kind.

Асгардии три года: самое молодое в мире государство 12 октября празднует годовщину

Therefore, the plans proposed by Asgardia, was popular in society. Not only dreamers joined her. Scientists, businessmen, politicians saw in the state Space, a new field for realization of their ideas.

12 Oct 2019 asgardians will celebrate the third anniversary of the state. During these three years the country regained the territory on an artificial Earth satellite, launched with the us wallops flight facility in November 2017, Constitution, government. The head of the nation was elected Igor ashurbeyli.

The Parliament of the state Space revealed to the world a unique example of legislative activity in the digital space. Parliament international — it includes representatives from more than 40 countries, living in different parts of the world. Deputies can conduct face-to-face sessions and online meetings, which are designed for a special platform, discuss with simultaneous translation and voting system. One of the earthly barriers — the language barrier here has been overcome.

Асгардии три года: самое молодое в мире государство 12 октября празднует годовщину

Now it is overcoming the barriers to a full life in space. 14-16 October 2019 in Darmstadt well-known scientists from around the world will gather for first Scientific investment asgardia of Congress to discuss the creation of artificial gravity, protection from cosmic radiation and closed-loop life support system.

Space the State assumes the role of mediator between the scientific world and investors to accelerate the creation and implementation of the most complex projects have long been waiting for humanity. Without these technical and scientific solutions to the impossible space colonization and the implementation of the plan of Asgardia scheduled for the next quarter-century. Igor ashurbeyli said that the main purpose of Asgardia is born in the space of the first child. Because it would mean that we will be able to continue our family, even if life on Earth will one day become impossible. And then, thanks to Asgardia, humanity will fulfill his cherished dream – to become truly immortal.

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