The exchange rate on 7 November: the dollar and the Euro fell after the weekend

The dollar is worth 24 and a half hryvnia.

The national Bank of Ukraine has determined the official exchange rates for Monday, 7 October, reports the with reference to TSN.

The US dollar fell by 26 cents to $ 24,61 UAH

The Euro lost 22 kopecks and UAH worth of 27.02.

In the beginning of this week in the courses of the NBU, the dollar was worth 24,08 UAH, and the Euro — UAH of 26.33. Then began a sharp rise in prices. The experts, among the other reasons cited are political — linked to possible introduction of “formula Steinmeier” in the Donbass. Accordingly the panic and “led” people in the exchangers and banks — some of them to buy the currency could not due to her absence at the box office.

In NBU believe that ” strengthening of the exchange rate (which lasted ostannia four months) will contribute to the slowdown of inflation in the coming months. The strengthening of the hryvnia was caused by fundamental market factors, such as: favorable price conditions in global commodity markets, high grain yield, a further increase in exports of IT services, the growth of investor confidence in the Ukrainian economy, simplification of their access to the domestic market of government securities”.

Historical record of hryvnia against foreign currencies in the official exchange rate of the NBU: USD — 26 February 2015 has reached the highest figure in 30.01 UAH, Euro set his record on January 26, 2018 — 35,66 UAH.

NBU for a week bought 42,50 million dollars

In may, the Cabinet predicted that in 2020, the dollar will amount to 28.2 UAH. This figure laid in the draft budget for next year. However, the new government has promised to review the forecasts and make changes to the project.

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