Named the most sold in Ukraine electric cars

First place in ten the most sold in Ukraine of electric cars is the Nissan Leaf.

On the second and third places — Tesla Model 3 BMW i3, reports the with reference to NV.

As noted in the article, last year Ukrainians have bought 5.3 thousand electric cars, more than double in 2017. In January — August 2019, the national fleet increased by 4.8 thousand such cars. Relative growth of the market for passenger electric vehicles accounted for 47%. Sales of commercial vehicles for the half year has doubled.

In General in Ukraine was almost 30 thousand electric cars. Almost half sold in the country, electric vehicles have the Nissan Leaf. Tesla Model 3 BMW i3 and FIAT 500E have much smaller shares of 8%, 5% and 4.3%, respectively.

Leadership Nissan Leaf is due to the low cost: the model can be bought for 360 thousand UAH. Officially in Ukraine these cars are not for sale. The vast majority of electric cars of this Japanese brand used cars from the American or European markets.

In General, among passenger EVS only one in ten was new at the time of sale, and commercial — 5%. According to marketing company of IRS Group, average age of Ukrainians bought electric cars is four years.

Volvo has released a rival Tesla Model 3

“And all because of the new electric cars lose a price war not only trains Leaf, but also direct competitors, having under a cowl of the usual internal combustion engine (ice). So, the new electric hatchback Golf-class Hyundai Ioniq is from 770 thousand, and with the mileage — from 550 thousand UAH. While comparable to them in size of Hyundai Accent interior for sale at least 354,5 thousand UAH. Same story with e-van, the Renault Kangoo Z. E.: in salon it is from 704,7 thousand UAH, and the same with him Renault Dokker c DIC from 258,9 thousand UAH. A similar difference in prices on the secondary market. Because of that Ukraine remains a country focused on traditional fuels: among all purchased last year new cars e-cars accounted for the proportion of 0.8%, and among second — hand- 3,4%”, — stated in the article.

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