How to recognize alcohol dependence?

In society there are many misconceptions about
alcoholism. Often considered to be a dependent people who have passed on
2 or 3 stage of the disease. In this case, the signs are clear, it is impossible
to deny their presence. When the first signs of the disease, need
ask for help to the experts, some of these “ATOS”
clinic in Kiev, which
deals with the treatment of alcohol dependence holistic approach. Alcoholic
addiction is a human need to drink alcohol
on a physical and psychological level. With time visible
the regularity of this kind of “stress relief”.


You can highlight the physiological
psychological and social causes of the disease. The most common
social causes:

  • the tradition to drink
    alcohol on holidays, when meeting with friends;
  • related professions
    which involve a high degree of responsibility.

You should not assume that the presence of
one of these factors invariably leads to the development of dependence.

The psychological causes include:

  • the tendency of the individual to
    depression and self-loathing;
  • the inability to cope
    with complicated situations;
  • isolation;
  • low self-esteem.

For physiological reasons include:

  • genetic
  • age;
  • regularity
    drinking and volume of alcohol consumed.

Signs of alcoholic
according to

To detect the presence of disease
you can, if you honestly answer the following questions:

  1. You know the rules and
    unable to stop, not to exceed the dose?
  2. You regularly
    drink alcohol? Regularity applies not only to daily
    eat, but also to cases where the use happens every Friday
    for example.
  3. You can’t refuse
    himself in alcohol in any amount?

If you are unable to abandon
alcohol for a long period without failures, then you have an addiction.

Как распознать алкогольную зависимость?

Alcoholism treatment

In order to overcome
dependence, the need to take action. The first thing
to understand the problem and get the issue of treatment in the first place in importance.
Enlist the support of family and friends. Do not look for easy ways, so as not
there is no magic pill which will heal you instantly. Treatment
alcoholism is a long process. The path starts with the choice of clinic and doctor who
you will be able to trust. Then followed by a detoxification, psychological and social

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