Alnobetula: most bizarre alcoholic drinks in the world. Photo

Many travelers consider themselves foodies and happy to try the local cuisine.

But often the drinks remain without attention, and it is in vain, reports the with reference to

Indeed, in some countries you can find some incredible liquid, from which the head is spinning.

And Yes, just be warned, there will be about alcohol. Very strange alcohol, but certainly with a local flavor.

The woman showed the consequences of participating in the show for survival. Photo

Nepal: tongba

Алкобезумие: самые странные спиртные напитки мира. Фото

This drink will surely appeal to all lovers of beer. It’s made from millet, corn ferments for a few weeks. And then the magic begins, because, in fact, you only need the grains themselves and a special utensil with a tube where you put the millet. After a Cup pour the boiling water and give it a little stand, and then drink from the straw. You can certainly drink from the Cup, however, the probability that you grab and grain, and they will need it. When the alcohol runs out, the boiling water is poured again, and so continue until begins to feel the taste of plain hot water. Such a warm beer is perfect for cool evenings Nepali.

Ecuador: sinikara

Алкобезумие: самые странные спиртные напитки мира. Фото

Real sinikara produced only in the province of sucumbíos, although in almost every city of Ecuador, you can buy a fake. Essentially it is an ordinary brandy of cane, which added plants and bark of local trees. Very good composition, isn’t it? And this drink a cold cure. Locals even believe that he is able to increase libido.

Bulgaria, the Caucasus and Central Asia: Buz

Алкобезумие: самые странные спиртные напитки мира. Фото

Buza is a fermented beverage made from wheat or corn flour. It is slightly sweet, it contains a small amount of alcohol, but despite this, Buzu drink even children and pregnant women. He was very popular in Bulgaria: many families had a tradition of going to the bakery for buns and eat them with booze.

Mexico: mezcal, that run through the chicken

By the drink mezcal is unlikely someone will manage to surprise: this alcoholic drink made from agave juice that you can buy in any Mexican bar, even outside of Mexico. However, one of its types is highly unusual pechuga de mezcal (mezcal de pechuga). The fact that the beverage is passed through raw meat.

The cooking process is like a ritual over the table hung raw chicken, Turkey or rabbit, and mezcal is slowly forced through the carcass. Say, so the drink becomes stronger.

Dominican Republic: ready to drink

Алкобезумие: самые странные спиртные напитки мира. Фото

It seems that even the name of this drink says about all the warmth and love with which it is cooked. Well, just listen: ready to drink! And it is always different. In fact, the recipe in every family their own, the only ingredient that is repeated each time, is the bark of a tree. And everything else is optional: wine, rum, herbs, spices, fruits. But Dominicans say they drink mamajuana in order to have a good time.

South Korea: soju with tears tuna

Алкобезумие: самые странные спиртные напитки мира. Фото

Soju is very popular in South Korea, I’m sure many have heard about it. It is a rice wine that can be bought in any restaurant or cafe. But Koreans like to diversify and sometimes a drink is prepared from it maekju — soju, diluted with beer. And sometimes rice wine is added to the tears of fish ― tuna. Usually this soju can be found in places serving seafood. Because of the ocular fluid the drink becomes viscous and jelly-like: sometimes it can even be eaten with a spoon.

Fiji: Kava

Алкобезумие: самые странные спиртные напитки мира. Фото

This drink is made from intoxicating pepper, which had previously been ground to powder. It causes a sense of euphoria, and sometimes hallucinations and lungs. And, by the way, to him there is no addiction such as to alcohol. However, before you drink Kava, you should read about the side effects, and you should also know that in some countries it is prohibited.

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