Trump used pennies to weigh on Zelensky, media

It is through a Penny trump Zelensky said that military aid to Ukraine has been frozen.

The US President Donald trump has repeatedly used the Vice-President and Michael Penny in order to put pressure on Vladimir Zelensky, according to The Washington Post, citing sources.

The publication writes that trump instructed the Pens not to attend reinaugurate Zelensky in may, although the White house staff insisted that the Vice President went to Kiev. This information is known from the complaint-CIA agent, who spoke on a telephone conversation with trump and Zelensky, reports the online edition of the with reference to NV.

In addition, according to the newspaper, it is through a Penny trump Zelensky said that military aid to Ukraine has been frozen, and demanded more proactive measures to combat corruption. By that time, after a telephone conversation, the Ukrainian authorities should take measures against corruption should include the investigation against the former Vice-President Joe Biden and his son hunter. Subsequently, assistance was unlocked.

Also one of the key advisors Pence was present during a telephone conversation with trump Zelensky. According to sources, this means that the Vice President had to obtain the transcript of the conversation for several hours after its completion.

At the same time, people close to the Pens, say that he didn’t know about trump’s attempts to influence Zelensky in order to obtain compromising information about Joe Biden and his son.

Surrounded by Pens say that he probably did not read the transcript or read it to the end.

The speaker of the house of representatives Nancy Pelosi announced the launch of the impeachment of Donald trump over the likely pressure on President Vladimir Zelensky during the scandalous telephone conversation.

After the declassification of the transcript of the conversation with the intelligence Committee of the US house of representatives published the complaint of a member of the American intelligence, who first pointed out the possible violations by trump during a conversation with Zelensky.

The canadian Diaspora reacted to the consent of Kiev on the “formula Steinmeier”

According to the transcript of the conversation, trump asked Zelensky to reopen the investigation against the company Burisma, which is associated with the son of Joe Biden hunter. Facts direct pressure on Zelensky in the document no.

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