There was a trailer of a new film by guy Ritchie. Video

The cult British Director is back to basics — removed the new crime Comedy, which takes place in London.

Out the trailer for the film Gentlemen — new the work of British Director guy Ritchie, known for such cult comedies as crime Maps, money, two guns and a Big jackpot. The video, posted on YouTube, per day collected more than 500 thousand views, reports the online edition of the with reference to the Correspondent.

In recent years, Richie has directed the blockbusters Sherlock Holmes and the man from U. N. To.L., failed fantasy adaptation of the Sword of king Arthur, and took not very good film adaptation of the legendary disney cartoon Aladdin.

But apparently Richie is still back to basics. The trailer for his new movie Gentlemen recalls the early works of the Director. This is a criminal Comedy about the American expate Mickey Pearson, played by Matthew McConaughey, grown rich on the sale of marijuana in London.

Hero McConaughey decides to leave the game, which ultimately leads to turmoil among his friends and competitors, who immediately try to seize the Empire Pearson.

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Basic roles are also performed by Hugh Grant, Charlie Hunnam, Colin Farrell and Michelle Dockery. The premiere of the film in the world will be held in January 2020.

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