Lavrov reminded of the inevitability of the Minsk agreements

Formula Steinmeier agreed in Minsk, is a compromise compared to the original text of the Minsk agreements, says Russian foreign Minister.

Formula Steinmeier is a compromise to the Minsk agreement, plan “B” for their implementation can not be. This was stated by foreign Minister of Russia Sergey Lavrov, reports the online edition of the with reference to Interfax-Ukraine on Thursday, 3 October.

“Plan “B” (for the implementation of the Minsk agreements — ed.) can not be. The Minsk agreement is the basis on which everything should line up. If you have to be specific, the formula Steinmeier is already a compromise compared to the original text of the Minsk agreements, approved by the UN Security Council. The original text suggested: first, the law on the special status and fixing it in the Constitution, and then elections,” — said Lavrov.

“The natural thing, when a person goes to the polls for anyone to vote, he wants to know what specific powers this candidate will have, if he is elected. When discussed the need to perform this sequence, the former President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko in Normandy format said he could not provide special status, because he doesn’t know who they will choose. This is absolutely confrontational, counterproductive, and most importantly anti-legal approach”, says the Russian foreign Minister.

“Then he was the Minister of foreign Affairs of Germany, Frank-Walter Steinmeier has offered to compromise. That is, the law will be adopted and will come into force on a temporary basis on election day, when polls are closing and on an ongoing basis — when the OSCE will confirm in its final report that the elections were free and fair,” — said Lavrov.

“Therefore, no waste from the basic principles of the Minsk agreements, including the Amnesty, the special status enshrined in the Constitution, separation of forces and means, the full resumption of economic relations, lifting the blockade, which completely contradicted the Minsk agreements. It still remains the same, without this, nothing will succeed”, — stressed the head of the foreign Ministry.

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