Google Maps received an anonymous mode

Appeared incognito mode.

American Corporation Google announced that access to Google Maps can now be accessed through the incognito mode. The use of maps in this mode, any information will not be stored in your account. Previously, the incognito mode is also owned by Google YouTube. It is reported by the with reference on Biznestsentr.

The tool is activated / deactivated by clicking on the profile photo. In the enabled mode Maps will continue to recommend restaurants, offer trails and other features. On Android devices, incognito mode will work in the coming weeks, he will also appear on iOS devices. This feature, the company announced in may at the developer conference.

Microsoft has created a virtual desktop

Earlier, in July, Google has released an update for its Chrome browser 76, which does not allow websites to identify the user in incognito mode. This means that now users will be able to endlessly view sites with Pavillon and a limited number of articles for review.

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