Angelina Jolie said she’ll never marry

44-year-old Angelina Jolie, which is already three times divorced, never getting married.

It says a source to Us Weekly. Moreover, Jolie, according to the insider, did not want to formalize the relationship with brad pitt. Its quite satisfied with a civil marriage. However, the actor had pressure on it and in the end practically forced her to go with him down the aisle. Previously, pitt and Jolie said that she decided to get married, as insisted their six children, reports the with reference on the Facts.

The actors got married in 2014 in France — after successfully lived together for ten years. And in 2016, Angelina filed for divorce. Pitt recently admitted that he is largely to blame for the collapse of their marriage. And said that after breaking up with his wife he attended meetings of alcoholics anonymous.

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Pitt to Angelina was married to British actor johnny Lee Miller (her partner in the film “Hackers”). They married in 1996. But a year later broke up, although the official divorce was issued only in 1999. Second husband Jolie is an actor and Director Billy Bob Thornton. With him she met at chamkah of the film “Driving flight”. Their marriage lasted from 2000 to 2003. An affair with pitt started Angelina on the set of the film “Mr. and Mrs. Smith”, when brad was still married to Jennifer aniston.

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