The dollar on the interbank market continues to decline

The dollar fell another 5 cents.

The dollar on the interbank market as of 10:30 on 23 September 2019, compared with the close of the previous session in the sales was down 5 cents to 24.37 per dollar, the exchange rate in the purchase to 24.34 per dollar. The Euro is down 7 cents to 26.82 hryvnia for one Euro, reports the online edition of the with reference to

According to the company “Ukrdealing” this morning bidding on the dollar opened in the range of 24,3400 — 24,3700 UAH/USD, Euro 26,7910 26,8216 UAH/Euro, Russian ruble 0,3808 — 0,3817 UAH/ruble.

Доллар на межбанке продолжает снижаться

Recall, September 20, 2019 bidding on the dollar on the interbank market closed in the range of 24,4100 — 24,4250 UAH/USD, Euro 26,8998 — 26,9139 UAH/Euro, Russian ruble 0,3815 — 0,3819 UAH/ruble.

The national Bank of Ukraine (NBU) on 23 September 2019 set the official rate of 24.43 hryvnia per dollar, which is 18 cents lower than the previous banking day. The official exchange rate of hryvnia to the dollar on September 23 is set at a level 2443,2618 hryvnia for $ 100 (-18,4941 hryvnia).

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Thus, the dollar fell to a minimum this year. The previous low was updated September 20 — 2461,7559 hryvnia for $ 100. Below the dollar rate was only 3.5 years ago (18 January 2016) — 2438,2961 hryvnia for $ 100.

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