Kate Middleton is suspected of fourth pregnancy

Rumors that Kate Middleton and Prince William are to become parents for the fourth time, go for a long time.

But now they flared up with new force. Australian publication New Idea claims that a four year old Princess Charlotte, who first went to school September 5, gave her new friends-classmates family secret. One of the assistant teachers overheard Charlotte said, “Mama’s Got another girl.” “The assistant could not believe his ears. Charlotte spoke loudly and seemed completely confident that her mom is pregnant,” says a source, reports the Chronicle.info with reference on the Facts.

Meanwhile, fans of the Royal family noticed one detail that convinced them that Kate is expecting a baby again. The Duchess of Cambridge changed her hairstyle. With a new haircut and bleached hair Kate first appeared in public when he took Charlotte to school 5 Sep. Earlier, at the beginning of all her three pregnancies, Middleton also changed her hair style: I cut bangs or doing hair shorter. It is assumed that in this way it tries to divert attention away from its shape.

And during the opening of the garden for children “Back to nature”, the fans saw a little “sticking out” from under a dress belt belly. And also paid attention to how 37-year-old Kate is drawn to kids who were among the guests at the ceremony.

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This caused the network blast reviews. “A new haircut — Kate’s pregnant again??? She always changes her hairstyle when pregnant”, “Kate again changed her hairstyle. Sure she is expecting a child”, “Preparing to meet the new Prince or Princess!”, “A new haircut is a reliable sign,” wrote in the comments.

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