The snake frightened the visitors of the restaurant. Video

Was time to call the team of experts in the wild.

People who have come to eat in the restaurant, was horrified when a huge snake, like a Python somehow broke one of the ceiling panels and started to crawl inside the dining hall through the hole.

Fortunately, it was time to call the team of experts in the wild, but you can still hear in the background the people in fear scream — it was too frightening sight was revealed to their eyes.

Using a special hook one of the hunters picked up the reptile, so that it was possible to fix and remove from the restaurant, where he was certainly not the place.

Daughter Olga Freimut showed a mixed dance. Video

The video with the snake, decided to enter the room through the ceiling, already scored thousands of views online, however, remains unknown, where was filmed the creepy footage.

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