Collision “yellow jackets” with the police in France: there are wounded

Injured 3 police and 2 policeman.

Riots in Nantes in Western France said 44th on account of the protest movement of the “yellow jackets”, which in other cities was held in a relaxed atmosphere. According to the latest data, during the demonstration were detained 35 people, reports the with reference for Today.

“Act 44 [the protests of “yellow jackets” in the centre of Nantes completed. The maximum number of participants during the day reached 1.8 thousand people, conducted 35 arrests”, — stated in the Twitter of the national police.

The report also notes that during the confrontation with the aggressive demonstrators were injured 3 police and 2 policeman.

The main slogan of the day in Nantes was the requirement of a fair trial responsible for the deaths of 24-year-old local resident Steve caniço after a police operation at the end of June. The peaceful March started from 14:00 local time, after only an hour turned into clashes with police and riots. Group of radical protestors began throwing rocks, firecrackers and even firebombs at the guards, later they moved on to smashing shop Windows in shops and banks. Since the organizers encouraged everyone to come dressed in black and with umbrellas, bullies, traditionally in black jackets and masks, quite easily mingled with the crowd.

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During the confrontation the police applied tear gas and water cannons in response to attacks, massacres and attempts of radicals to infiltrate closed for the demonstrations in Central areas. The guards were struggling to cope with the constantly going back and rasseivayushchei groups of aggressors, the announcement of the end of the street protest was distributed only at 19:40 local time.

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