Land Rover back on the road exhibition SUV 1948

First, a unique Land Rover is fully dismantled.

The office Land Rover Classic restored one of the most significant vehicles in the history of British stamps — pre-production prototype of the SUV, exhibited at the exhibition in Amsterdam in 1948. The car has long been considered lost, but in 2016 it was discovered near the plant in Solihull.

Every detail to enlighten the x-rays to find out which one can be saved, and what will have to change. It turned out that the front axle of the SUV requires repair and rear badly damaged. Further study details proved its strength, and eventually the bridge was saved.

Specialists also range Rover Classic fully restored, the mechanism of switching modes of transmission. These three pens because of the similarity with the arms of the body are called Organ Stops — they were installed only on some early samples pre-series “Land Rovers”. Brake system Lockheed — production cars were Girling — had to re-make according to the original drawings.

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The back of the SUV decided not to touch it, to preserve the patina. Eliminated only minor shortcomings like large gaps and zastivshie edges. However, a few panels still had to be replaced — they are made of aluminum sheets with a thickness of two millimeters and painted in the original shade of green Light Green. The color sample was taken from the lower surface of the seat, and the car paint is artificially aged.

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