These ten ways will help to quickly burn calories

Ten minutes is quite possible to spend a hundred calories.

Each time the study the energy value of different foods (especially delicious) I am amazed at the flagrant imbalance between the rapid accumulation of calories and appallingly slow combustion, according to the with a link to Happy News.

We can eat just one tiny chocolate bar, not even noticing the process, and then long hours to pay in the gym for this little treat. Simply sit once at the festive table, and after that you will have for a long time to register on the nearest treadmill. No, that’s terribly unfair! But there is a way out of this situation.

1. Stairs and burpees

There is no better way to get the load on the body than interval training. Combine exercises of different intensity for maximum results in the shortest time. For example, try to climb up the ladder to make the top point a few burpee, and then go down. Repeat this for 10 minutes.

2. Climbing

You can quite successfully to walk and run on level ground, but when you try to climb up a steep wall, you will understand that it is quite a difficult task. Such training not only will help you burn about 118 calories in 10 minutes but will show you what is actually of great importance on your excess weight.

3. Bike

Intensive training on the simulator, which includes segments of normal intensity, and sprints can help you burn 139 calories in 10 minutes.

4. Football

You do not spend a lot of energy just standing on the field, but the intense fight for the ball, acceleration and dribbling will deprive you 107 calories in 10 minutes. It’s also a great workout for the whole body because it involves a lot of different motions not only for legs but for other muscle groups.

5. Dumbbells

Simple exercises with dumbbells, performed with maximum intensity, you can load over 10 minutes, almost like a long workout. Various jumps, squats, and swings with weights will not only lose weight but also get a beautiful muscles.

6. Jump rope

There is no better way to overclock your heart rate, practically without leaving your space than jumping rope. If you do it even at a moderate pace (this is when you can still talk in the process), your body will lose about 107 calories in 10 minutes. Of course, to jump so much time, many will not work, so try to do it in 40 seconds, then 20 seconds rest. And so 10 times in a row.

7. Step

Step aerobics is still one of the best ways to burn a lot of calories for a small amount of time — up to 107 calories in 10 minutes. This intense aerobics using any stand that simulates the step. Movements performed during the training process, completely natural and available to anyone regardless of health status and level of training. Besides practicing this kind of physical activity do not require expensive equipment — they can easily be performed at home.

8. Jumping

You do not need any equipment to practice the method of plyometric, but with their help, you can lose about 100 calories in 10 minutes. Plyometric exercises use explosive, fast movements to develop muscle power and speed. One of the main exercises of this technique is the jump in depth.

9. Martial arts

You may not be a great fighter, but reinforced shock work with a punching bag will take you 107 calories in just 10 minutes. Want great results? Then put the gloves on with weights and can be left in the hall up to 300 calories in 22 minutes.

10. Acceleration

If you are already doing any kind of sport, but I feel that there is no progress, then try to add speed intervals into your regular workout. Find a hill and run up on him while Jogging, try to swim as fast as possible during a workout in the pool or make the acceleration when riding on the bike.

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