The doctors told than often suffer from stunted people

It was found that for every additional 10 cm in height the risk of diabetes is reduced by 40%.

Therefore, short people are much more susceptible to diabetes, according to the with reference to

Scientists from the German Institute of human nutritionists suggested that this dependence can be explained by higher fat content in the body low people, higher blood pressure and greater prevalence in them of inflammatory processes.

While people have high insulin sensitivity is increased, what makes them beta cells (a type of cells in the pancreas that produces insulin) to work more actively. That is why they are much less likely to collide with a diagnosis of “diabetes”.

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Such conclusions scientists have analyzed the state of health of 28 000 people. By the way, the connection between height and risk of diabetes was more pronounced in people with normal body weight. Have high, but fat people the risk of diabetes remains the same as the people of low growth.

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