Called diet that helps to lose 7 kg per week

If you want a week literally lose 5-7 kilos, is a diet that though, and will force you to discipline yourself during a meal, but weight your body will really be less.

The doctors promise that you will lose about 1 kilogram of body weight per day, according to the with reference on Voice.

The secret of this effective diet is that you will restart your metabolism by eating strictly by the hour, small portions and not mixing products.

Look it would be: you have a day 5 meals. Five times a day you make 5 different products with an interval of 2 hours.

For example, portion of oatmeal (200 grams), a pair of boiled chicken eggs, a couple apples, a glass of tomato juice and a couple of vegetable crackers with tea, added honey.

Morning is better to start with “slow” carbohydrates, i.e. cereals. Remember that rice cereal is the most nutritious and most calorie – free. It would be useful to include in the diet of barley, to which you can add a couple tablespoons of whole milk.

Protein foods best taken during the second meal: it’s a piece of meat, eggs, cheese, tofu, or (if you are a vegetarian) – soy meatballs.

The doctors told than often suffer from stunted people

Judging by the experience of people who “sit” on such a rigid diet, the greatest temptation is food with a sweet taste. If the first two days you can last without sugar, coffee with a spoon of sugar, then the third day will be very hard and you’ll look at the store shelves with pastries. To avoid the temptation to break the diet, buy dried dates. You can eat a few things a day: they have a very sweet taste, but contain few calories.

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