Became known, when will be end of sale Mitsubishi Pajero

The final version came out of the SUV.

The Japanese brand has presented a farewell version of the SUV. He’s got the same name as the Lancer X. Line called the Final Edition, and the popularity around the model does not abate. And here, the dealers around the world sell inventory deposits model. A bright example of popular countries is Australia and South Africa. And even these States will soon say goodbye to a legend, reports the with reference to Avtodream.

The end date of the sales Mitsubishi Pajero already identified. The deadline is 2020. In accordance with applicable standards, Mitsubishi Pajero classified as one of the niche models. Thus, losing such a profitable SUV brand has the potential to lose customers. So now all the investment aimed at the development of a universal modular platform. In fact, Mitsubishi has followed the Vaga. At last the whole range is built on the MQB.

Soon Mitsubishi announce a new SUV. In its basis lie modular platform. The development has already attracted specialists Nissan. According to preliminary information, the Japanese planned to debut 7-seater SUV that will replace the Pajero, but is a tier higher than the current Outlander. Experts believe that the new product from Mitsubishi will compete with the Pathfinder. It may be noted that the new truck will allow you to create different classes of SUV.

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This Mitsubishi definitely win. As promised representation of the Japanese brand, the new product would not yield the level of equipment and the terrain of its predecessor. From Pajero in 2020 will only remain a memorable instance in its own Museum brand.

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