The consumer sentiment index in Ukraine reached a value of Aug 2013

Potrebnostey Ukrainians improved to the level of the summer of 2013.

In July, 2019 the index of consumer sentiment (CCI) in Ukraine, compared to June rose by 5.5 points to 88 on a 200-point scale, which is the highest indicator since August 2013, according to a study Info Sapiens, reports the online edition of the with reference to the Correspondent.

“Pit has reached a new peak. The highest growth in July compared to June, showed the index of current personal income, as well as expectations of economic growth in the coming year and the next 5 years… the Credibility of the new government promotes growth of positive expectations regarding the development of the economy as a whole”, — analysts said the Info Sapiens.

In their opinion, improve the estimate of own revenues associated with the acceleration of real wage growth in June 2019 compared to may amid a stable exchange rate and prices.

The index of the current position (ITP) rose 5.8 points to 76.9, including the index of current personal financial situation – by 8.1 points, to 70.5.

The economic expectations index (IEO) in July increased by 5.4 points and amounted to 95.4, including the index of expected economic development of the country over the next year rose by 8.3 points – to 99.6, and over the next 5 years 7.7 points to 99.6.

Called the number cleared in six months “EuroBLECH”

The July index of expected unemployment dynamics totalled 114,4 points higher than last month, by 5.0 points. At the same time, the index of inflation expectations declined slightly, by 0.7 points, down 177,1. Has improved slightly and the index of devaluation expectations in the next three months – it dropped by 1.1 points, to 129,5.

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