Russia may give Ukraine five political prisoners, media

Mr Baluch, Paul Mushroom, Nikolai Karpyuk, S. Klyh and Alexander Kolchenko may be extradited home for punishment, in mass media.

Russia may give Ukraine the five prisoners of citizens, which recently dostavio in a Moscow jail Lefortovo. On Wednesday, August 21, reported the online edition of the with reference to the Correspondent.

According to the source, at present, “discusses the format of this procedure” — issuing them to Ukraine to serve the sentence ordered by the courts in the Russian Federation.

While official confirmation of this information the Agency does not have

On the eve it became known that prisoners in Russia five citizens of Ukraine were transferred from correctional facilities to the detention center of Lefortovo in Moscow.

The immortal called the talks in Minsk imitation

According to the center of the memorial, August 20 at Lefortovo prison accepted the transfer for Vladimir Baloga, Paul Mushroom, Mykola Karpiuk, Stanislaus Cliche and Alexander Kolchenko. According to human rights activists, is evidence that all of these persons are in the facility.

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