In the center of Kiev found the body of pensioner who died last winter

She took retirement in February.

On Tuesday, August 20, the police asked residents of one of the houses on the street Bastion. They reported that they had not seen his neighbor and learned that she didn’t come for a pension from the month of February. Into place arrived patrol crew Pechersk district, reports the with reference to the Informant.

Near the apartment of the missing policeman felt a putrid smell and decided to enter a dwelling.

In order to get a home, law enforcement needed the help of rescuers. By breaking the window of the patrol went inside and saw a terrible picture: the apartment was rotten and shrivelled corpse of the hostess. Previously, the 69-year-old woman died last winter.

Into place caused it is investigative-task force. Date of death and other details set medical examiners and law enforcement officers.

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