Published ranking of the best cities in the world for parties

Led the ranking of the Serbian Belgrade, where affordable housing and relatively affordable prices.

Specialists portal Lonely Planet has compiled a ranking of the best party cities. The first place it went to the Serbian Belgrade, reports the with reference to

This city with its diverse entertainment may, in the opinion of experts, be to the taste of any tourist. The events here take place in clubs, bars, barges and in the taverns.

Also, the city has a relatively affordable prices (a liter of beer will cost 2 dollars) and affordable housing ($30 per weekend).

In second place is the Mexican city of Playa del Carmen, and closes the three leaders of Singapore. Latest experts put as high for its level of security, as well as an abundance of clubs and bars.

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While the TOP 10 also went to Saint Petersburg, Tokyo, Seoul, Istanbul, Bangkok, Buenos Aires and Mexican Cabo San Lucas.

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