In France she fell into a coma after drinking “juice” in the restaurant

Family dinner for travellers settled at La Fontaine aux Bretons in the West of France, ended in tragedy.

22-year-old girl, who came with his parents in the restaurant at the hotel, ordered Apple juice, but instead she filed a detergent with sodium hydroxide, according to the with reference on the Facts.

It is reported that the victim had the temerity to make a few SIPS, and immediately vomited, and the fluid left on the skin burns even through the dress.

Confused relatives sipped “drink” and also felt ill. The whole family was urgently hospitalized; the poor lady in the end had to enter in an artificial coma, and the doctors ‘ prognosis is unfavourable — perhaps the patient will be deprived of the esophagus and will last a lifetime severely disabled.

According to the preliminary findings of the police, the incident resulted in a chain of events that were made possible due to the carelessness and negligence of the staff. One of the employees, as found out a consequence, for some reason poured the liquid for cleaning pipes in a container of juice and carelessly left it in a public place. His colleague decided that someone forgot to remove the drink in the fridge, and brought the package into the kitchen, not bothering to check what’s inside.

He died one of the richest people in Denmark

A third employee of the institution who has prepared the ill-fated order, just took from the shelf what I thought was juice, and poured to designed for client’s glass. The fact that the package poured something not too similar to the juice, it is also not confused.

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