Kiev residents are reminded about the dangers of mushroom poisoning

Symptoms of mushroom poisoning may be different.

Rainy and cool weekend, which are expected in the capital, – an occasion to remember once again about the danger of mushroom poisoning, especially when it comes to children, reports the with reference for Today.

“Not even edible “safe” mushrooms can not give to kids! This is very heavy food for kids stomach, which can cause various disorders. Just as unacceptable food are mushrooms and for pregnant women. Children and pregnant women should be uncompromising to forgo such a delicacy!” — said the Director of the Department of health of Kyiv Valentyna Ginzburg

Also the specialist advised to be especially careful to observe his condition after the use of mushrooms.

Medical toxicologists are informed that the symptoms of mushroom poisoning may be different. As the time elapsed since the poisoning before the first sign of him.

For example, after eating poor quality food from russules, undercooked autumn honey agaric, satanic mushrooms, fake raincoats already 30-60 minutes may be nausea, vomiting, abdominal pain, upset stomach, rise in body temperature. These poisoning for the most part do not lead to mortality, however, can have serious consequences for the digestive system.

After 30 minutes to two hours after eating red toadstools, volcanic toxic substances affect the nervous system and the person suffers from hallucinations, confusion or loss of consciousness, respiratory failure and cardiac activity.

The most poisonous toxins are pale toadstool, fly agaric, white and smelly and some other fungi. Intrigue them that the poison, once in the stomach, for a long time (up to three days) do not cause any symptoms. Dizziness, nausea, thirst, spasms, blue lips, nails, cold hands and feet – this occurs when toxic substances reach the brain. When such symptoms should immediately call an ambulance.

Before arrival of physicians the doctors suggest to do the following:

  • Gastric lavage: you need to drink five to six glasses of boiled water, press fingers to the root of the tongue to induce vomiting, use activated carbon (four or five tablets), when rinse water is clean.
  • Enema.
  • Drinking large amounts of fluids: coffee, tea or lightly salted water to recover the water-salt balance.

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