In Syria in an airstrike, killing five humanitarian workers

In the result of air strikes in Northwest Syria, killing five humanitarian workers, including a medic.

This was stated by the official representative of the UN Secretary General Stefan Dyuzharrik, reports Xinhua Friday, August 16, writes the with reference to

According to him, the ambulance in which there were people, was completely destroyed in the South of Idlib province on Wednesday.

“The UN continues to call on all parties to the conflict to respect and protect medical and humanitarian personnel, their vehicles, equipment and property, as well as hospitals and other medical institutions in accordance with international humanitarian law,” said Dujarric.

The representative of the UN Secretary General also said that civilians continue to suffer from threats associated with explosions across Syria, in the North-West where there is armed conflict. According to Dujarric, more than 10 million Syrians live in areas contaminated by unexploded ordnance.

In Canada, a woman whose parachute did not open, survived a fall from a height of 1.5 thousand meters

Earlier it was reported that in Syria, government forces of Bashar al-Assad suffered casualties in the shelling by militants and repelling their attacks in the area of de-escalation in Idlib. Killed 10 soldiers, 21 injured.

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