The most powerful woman in the world showed what she’s capable of

With this lady it is better not to joke.

In August 2016, a resident of the UK and the mother of two children, Andrea Thompson received the title of most powerful women in the country. After two years of training the athlete ran 15 meters with 230-pound H-back frame went the same route with two loads of 100 kilograms in each hand and seven times with one hand lifted the barbell weighing 42.5 kg, reports the with reference to

Two years later, the leading British TV show This Morning Eamonn Holmes and Ruth Langsford decided to again test the ability of Thompson and suggested the woman to take part in the filming of the next release of the software. 8 Aug Andrea appeared in the Studio in a tracksuit and showed what can be done with a regular fry pan which is in almost every kitchen in the world.

The initiator of the tests was to Holmes, the man went to the Studio the kitchen and brought to Thompson metal utensils for cooking food.

Pan had been in the hands of Andrea exactly five seconds, but this time was enough to make it into a useless piece of iron with plastic handle.

His career, Thompson was built by accident. In his youth the woman had been suffering from obesity and vainly followed the diets. In 2014, the sister asked Andrea to be bridesmaid at her wedding, so the woman had to find a new (effective) way to lose weight. This collective exercise in the gym along with full other people.

The coach of the group noticed in Andrea’s potential and invited her to take part in these sports. First, Thompson was experiencing a lack of confidence, but acted in the competition and achieved success on a global level. Today’s woman is proud of her achievements and is planning to participate in the competition for the title of world champion, which will be held in Florida in November 2019.

— I was doing exercises that I liked and enjoyed trying to achieve a good physical shape. I did some research, learned about the most powerful woman in the UK and she performed at the competitions. Now it’s my second nature.

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