The decision to nationalize Privat was correct, – danyluk

The current head of the national security Council participated in the process of nationalization of the Bank and considers it fully justified.

The decision to nationalize Privat was justified and correct. As transfers the Internet edition of the, it was stated by the NSDC Secretary Oleksandr danylyuk told the BBC News the Ukraine.

“Considering the information from the national Bank, with which I worked, was the right decision. When you say nationalization, they often do not understand the whole process. In order to nationalization of the Bank, will have the following: the national Bank, as the regulator, monitors the situation with the banks in the market and if the Bank does not comply with certain requirements, and in the case of PrivatBank it was the capital requirements, the national Bank brings the Bank from the market. He displays it to eliminate. When the Bank goes into liquidation, it is transferred to the Deposit guarantee Fund. When the Bank is in the Deposit guarantee Fund, then decides the Cabinet over whether to nationalize or not. If it does not nationalize, it is liquidated”, — said danyluk.

He noted that the question of nationalization the Bank was taken with the understanding of the importance of financial institutions to the entire banking system.

“I addressed the issue of nationalization. We looked at the Bank in which 22 million customers, which operates almost all the small and medium business. We understand the consistency of this decision and then decided to nationalize it,” — said the head of the national security Council.

According to danyluk, when he as Finance Minister had presented the case to the national security Council and at a meeting of the government, he noted that the nationalization carries certain risks for the future. But via the consistency of the Bank and the fear of risks, it was decided to nationalize Privat.

“There were other risks that the nationalization will fail. After all, when changing the owner, then many of the processes necessary to restructure. We managed to form the team that successfully did it. Therefore, this process is completed. That is now being challenged in court — a question, it is necessary to withdraw from the market or not, right then it did or not. It’s not really a question to me. But the documents that I saw — it was a reasonable decision”, — said danyluk.

NBU filed a lawsuit against Kolomoisky

He noted that after the nationalization of PrivatBank with the former owner of financial institutions Igor Kolomoisky did not communicate.

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