Taxpayers will contain 11 parties

There are 11 parties that will receive money from the budget for their statutory activities.

National Agency on corruption prevention (NACP) decided on all 11 political parties state funding based on the results of the extraordinary elections to the Verkhovna Rada. On Tuesday, August 13, reported the press service of the NACP, reports the online edition of the with reference to the Correspondent.

It is noted that the party has the right to receive state funding for its statutory activities, if at the last regular or extraordinary parliamentary elections on the electoral list of the party received at least 2% of the vote.

So, the right to receive government funding received:

Servant of the people
The opposition platform For life
All-Ukrainian Association Batkivshchyna
European solidarity
Radical party of Oleh Liashko
Strength and honor
The opposition bloc
Ukrainian strategy Groisman
Party Sharia
All-Ukrainian Union Freedom

The decision to nationalize Privat was correct, — danyluk

It is noted that parties will have the right to state funding of their statutory activities from the day following the opening day of the first meeting of the Parliament elected at early parliamentary elections on July 21.

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