In Tanzania came up with a novel way of dealing with men’s cheating

Women have decided to protect from “broken hearts.”

The Governor of the biggest city of Tanzania announced plans to create and publish a national database of married men, to protect women from “broken hearts,” reports the with reference on the Letters.

So, the mayor of the city of Dar-es-Salaam Paul Makonda said that he had received many complaints from women abandoned by their lovers after a proposal of marriage. According to him, the planned database will help to deal with infidelity.

“I have received complaints from women who men promised to marry, but they did not fulfill the promise. I know women who’ve paid the bill, but the men are gone… If possible, we will create a database in the regional Commissioner’s office in each region, to every man who promises to marry has been registered in this database, which will allow women to check whether the requested is already married man,” said Makonda.

He added that the government is focused on other southern African countries to understand how they cope with such problems.

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