The German foreign Minister for the fourth time this year broke the plane

First, because of a defect in the vent valve Maas has replaced the plane, which took half an hour, and later had problems with refueling.

Foreign Minister of Germany Heiko Maas on Monday, 12 August, could not in time to fly to the UN security Council meeting in new York due to a malfunction of government aircraft, reports the with reference to

“The Board was replaced by the A321 at Berlin on another plane because of a defect in the vent valve located on the wing,” — said the German air force on Twitter.

Maas in the result, took off half an hour later than planned.

About 30 people were injured in an explosion in a suburb of Baghdad

Later, his plane landed to refuel in Keflavik airport in Iceland, it was complicated with a full tank of the aircraft, so that the Maas and the entire delegation had to leave the plane and wait for the continuation of the flight in the terminal.

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