The human body begins to age five

Currently, many physicians adhere to this theory.

Healers and medicine men of ancient China said: “old age comes to man from the heels”. According to them, it was on the heels of located nerve endings and pressure points that are “mounted” the work of all internal organs.

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They gave advice on how to keep heels and long aging.

According to doctors, is very useful to walk in the heels, and inner and outer sides of the feet. It will improve blood circulation in legs that leads to strengthening of health of all internal organs. Doctors recommend to walk this way every morning.

“Yun-Chuan” is a special point on the heels. The Chinese call it “important” point. It is situated in the middle of the arch of the foot near the toes.

Chinese healers called it the still point of saving the kidney. If a few minutes to put pressure on this point can strengthen the kidney function.

“The more energy in the kidneys, the stronger the body,” said Chinese healers.

In order to succeed, you must do the exercise with the point “Yun-Chuan” at least 20 times on both the Nagas.

Night trips to the toilet can indicate heart problems, diabetes and other diseases

And another Chinese proverb. To improve the blood circulation of feet and body as a whole, it is necessary for some time to slap on the pads of the fingers.

It is better to use a rubber hammer. It really helps those who have problems with vision.

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