The features levels of difficulty The Outer Worlds

The Outer Worlds — great space RPG with open world in the style of Fallout.

The Studio Obsidian Entertainment has revealed four levels of difficulty, and their characteristics for future space RPG The Outer Worlds, reports the online edition of the with reference to

Just the game will have four difficulty modes: “Story”, “Normal”, “High” and “supernova”. Based on the title of the first mode it is suitable for those gamers who appreciate the story without looking at the gameplay and combat system. The second level is a balanced game that the developers recommend for the first passage. Accordingly, at a high level, the enemies get more health and become harder to beat, but other complications will not be here. But if “Supernova” players are waiting for serious changes:

  • The complexity of the “supernova” will be allowed to choose only at the beginning of the game, so if a gamer wants to reduce the complexity as you progress, it will not work.
  • In this mode, enemies will also become thicker and will be harder to beat.
  • The game will have elements of survival, so the character will need food, water and sleep.
  • In “Supernova” companion killed forever, and if the character’s wounded in battle, it is treated only bed routine.
  • This character can only sleep in the room.
  • If the weapons and equipment will be zero strength, they will become useless.
  • The portals will only be available on the ship gamer. In other places will have to navigate in the usual way.
  • Manual saves are only available on the ship. The number of autosaves limited.

Recall that The Outer Worlds — great space RPG with open world in the style of Fallout. According to the developers, for the story campaign gamers will need from 15 to 40 hours. The project is built on the popular engine Unreal Engine 4. In the story, the main character wakes up after hibernation on a ship of settlers that went missing on the way to the earth’s farthest colony, Alcyone. Along with this the protagonist is in the midst of a conspiracy of corporations, which he has to unravel.

73 minutes of gameplay space RPG The Outer Worlds

Release The Outer Worlds will take place October 25, 2019 on PC (Epic Games Store), Xbox One, and PlayStation 4. Later, the game will be released on Nintendo Switch.

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