Ukraine will disappear feta cheese: he’ll come up with a new name

Ukrainian producers of cheese “feta” will have to give up the name of the milk product as it is a protected geographical designation.

Ukrainian cheese producers from 2023 will not be able to use the name “feta”. From this name will have to be abandoned because it is a protected geographical indication. This was reported by experts from the community Geographical Indications in Ukraine / Geographical indications in Ukraine on the official page in Facebook, reports the online edition of the with reference to the Correspondent.

“Feta in Ukraine produce about 20 companies. But after 2022, they have to give up this name which is the protected geographical indication”, – stated in the message.

Bread in Ukraine for the year increased by 60%

Now, according to experts, representatives of the Ministry of agriculture, trading networks and manufacturers have begun studying the experience of other countries and the development of a product dossier, as well as new product names.

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