Sumar offered to check the quality of Ukrainian armor on it

Sumar has responded to the video message of the veteran of the Azov regiment, who yesterday wanted to give Poroshenko a defective body armor.

Held in the Verkhovna Rada from the party of European solidarity Victoria syumar offered to check the quality of Ukrainian armor on it. About it she wrote on Facebook in response to the allegations of the veteran regiment Azov Nikita Makeyev, who attacked the car of Petro Poroshenko, reports the online edition of the with reference to the Correspondent.

“In 2014 we started to make armor. Themselves. Because they managed to hold Mariupol, and is a town where they make armor. The one I have. Presented” — she wrote.

Sumar suggested “scum more recently Russian citizenship” to shoot it on the range, as it is confident in the quality of the vest. “I hope not weak? Forward,” she said to the opponents of Poroshenko.

To conclude an agreement with Putin regarding the Donbas is impossible, — Klimkin

“Because your homeland Russia started the war against my country. Not Vice versa. And you be the judge of who the Ukrainians are and how ready to defend their land. Because my country is Everything to me. And what about you, have serious doubts — it bothers you as armor, or you just get money to provocations”, — wrote Sumar.

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