Presents a trailer for the new Ukrainian film “Ilovaysk”. Video

The film will show at the end of the summer.

In the network appeared the first trailer of the film “Ilovaysk”. You can view it on the YouTube channel of distributor B&H Film Distribution Company, reports the with reference to the Journalist.

The plot of the blockbuster real events: the commander of the assault group of the battalion “Donbass” of BESUT, wounded in the battle for Ilovaisk, miraculously still alive in the occupied city.

He is wanted by appointed commandant of Ilovaysk the Russian officer RUNKOV, for whom this war turned into a personal tragedy, and he wants not justice, but revenge.

Taras Kostaschuk, Anastasia Renard, Ruslan Falconer, Sergey Zelik, Oleg Drach, Alexander Mavrin, Eugene lamas starred in it.

The railroad hung in the air above the water flow. Video

In General Ukrainian the film will be released on August 29.

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