In China, a man out of jealousy for his wife jumped from the fifth floor

The husband survived the incident. His act he wanted to draw the attention of his wife, a busy young son.

In China, a man jealous of his wife jumped from the fifth floor. So he decided to attract attention to yourself women, busy one-year-old son, reports the with reference to

It is known that the woman accused her husband that he did not look after their son in her absence. In the end, this brought the man out of himself and he jumped out of the window.

Saved the situation is that he landed on the balcony of the third floor. In the end, he was still alive and warned the woman that will go and drown in the nearest body of water.

Chinese horror called the police, who rushed to find men. He was found unconscious in shallow water, after which he was given first aid and was hospitalized. Currently, the man is in stable condition.

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In dealing with the media, he said that his wife recently stopped paying attention to it. The wife noticed that her husband was jealous of the son, and constantly demanded attention.

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